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Christmas in New York City

My parents took us to New York City for Christmas. It was a really fun trip. In no particular order, here are the things we saw and did:
  • Looked at Rolexes for $25 in Chinatown, watch out for the cops
  • The old Yankee Stadium, to be torn down soon
  • Times Square madness
  • East Village hipster central
  • 7 floors of Macys
  • Dozens of street musicians and subway artists
  • Ground Zero - giant hole in the ground
  • Assault rifles and police on Wall St.
  • One neighborhood in the Bronx (lets get back on the train)
  • Ice skating with hundreds of kids in Central Park on Christmas
  • Freezing cold boat ride around the city at night
  • Seeing the city from the top of Rockefeller Center.
  • Watching the Lion King on Broadway
  • Watching the old fashioned Rockettes show on Christmas
  • Walking all the way across Manhattan in the rain at midnight just because
  • A couple of crazy taxi rides
  • Ran through a Brooklyn Ghetto
  • One really snooty modern art museum
  • Wandered through Times Square on New Years Eve
  • Breakdancers in Columbus Circle
Here are some pics - some are goofy, some are pretty and some are just strange. New York City photos.


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Merry Christmas from New York

We're on our seventh day in New York and we're having a great time. Jessica and I just moved from the Mid-town apartment with my family to a little one bedroom Craigslist rental on the Upper East Side near Central Park. Tonight we took the subway down to hipster paradise, a grungy neighborhood of the Lower East Side, where we went to a very unusual modern art museum and ate world famous pastrami at Katz' Deli.

Here is the view from our little place for the next few days.

Of course, more when we get back.

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