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Dumont Dunes: Presidents Day, 2000

We decided to hit up Dumont Dunes, California when the Las Vegas Jeep Club
was holding the Hill Climbs and Sand Drags. It was fun and the place was
full of some sweet jeeps. Check out the pics. Let the whole page load..

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Jumpin my jeep way up there some fool rolled
his chevy
um...chevy power
the scene alright the bottom of the
hill climbs
yea more people
more hill climbs  a willys doin it lopo and a big
me shooting juki's
shooting more ar-15 action ok we're dumb
yes we are. ok idiots what?
jukiboy is the
nice jeeps yea the hill climbs
regan and chris kinda like mine our wet camp ok
nice cruiser us camp dj lopo
my dog, savoy at the sand drags go fast yea more jeeps
jeeps some jeeps roosting dork
hi jukiboy givin us
a crotch shot.
ok way up above
competition hill
we're hunting
...ameriCANS. go matt the nra lunatic
more comp hill what is this? Some dumb girl drove
her quad into a ditch
So my dad followed
Lopo more chevy power us in the creek a hill
a canyon matt catchin air no footer alright
some guy ate it yea jeepin more jeepin
wierdos us my jeep more of my jeep
my dad again us loosers my jeep jumping
sweet me out of control lopo and me chris on the
"Big eel"
yea jeepin my dad no brainer
jeep my dad our trailer hah.