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My 1994 Jeep Wrangler

    I bought this jeep just a little while ago, in July 1998. It had some 31"x 10.50" tires on it, which weren't too bad, but they weren't big enough for me. I had Superlift suspension put on it, and i got new tires and wheels. It is absolutley awesome for off-roading. I like to take it crawling up huge rocks and jumping sand dunes. I would never trade my jeep for anything else.

"The Jeep is the only true American sports car"
          Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari Motorsports

Action Pics
Tons of em
Dumont Glamis Cajon Pass Cooks

Jeep Stats

i6 4.0 Liter High Output
Superlift 4" Springs, RS9000 Adjustable Shocks
with Dual In-Cab Controller
15" x 10" Eagle Alloy Series 589 Polished Rims
33" x 12.50" BFGoodrich AT's
Stuff Added:
Sway bar quick disconnects, Magnaflow Muffler, Transfer Case Drop, Steel Horse Halftop
Stuff Removed:
Sound Bar, Soft Top, 3rd Brakelight, Swaybar, Fake Gas Can Holders, Tow hitch.


Still Pics
Here it is Side view The other side
and so on... again and again
rear view front view again from behind
this one is with me in it.
These pics are of my jeep when i first got it, before my mods.
My new Jeep Wrangler
in my Driveway
Side View Rear View
The Other Side A race truck flies
Climbing a really
steep hill
Climing a Steep
Hill in the Desert
My Jeep next to my
buddy Paul's Jeep
More of the same
Dirty... Yadda, yadda yadda...