My 21st Birthday, 1999

I turned 21 and my sister turned 19, so we had a birthday party. It was fun.
image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg image004.jpg
The wanna-be Bad
Habits play.
and play... and play. We are chillin'
image005.jpg image006.jpg image007.jpg image008.jpg
Some old people. Alright. Ok. The same old
image009.jpg image010.jpg image012.jpg image013.jpg
A bunch of us. Yeah. Me and Lopo. Matt the homo.
image014.jpg image015.jpg image016.jpg image017.jpg
Me. Girls. Barbeque Waiting for food.
image018.jpg image019.jpg image020.jpg image021.jpg
Us eating. Inside. Outside whoppee
image022.jpg image023.jpg image024.jpg image025.jpg
Chich Some people. Chich and my
little sister.
Whacky Landon
image026.jpg image027.jpg image028.jpg image029.jpg
Chris Ethan and Justin Duh Ok
image030.jpg image031.jpg image032.jpg image033.jpg
what? Some guys. This is dumb me.
image034.jpg image035.jpg image036.jpg image037.jpg
My sister. Me Chris and his
boyfriend, Blake.
Ping Pong
image038.jpg image039.jpg image040.jpg image041.jpg
Girls. Girls. My sister Girls.
image042.jpg image043.jpg image044.jpg image045.jpg
Whatever ok I hate captions Basketball
image046.jpg image047.jpg image048.jpg image049.jpg
some more. Fun. in the spa girls
image050.jpg image051.jpg image052.jpg image053.jpg
Ok this is booring stop looking at
image054.jpg image055.jpg image056.jpg
who took this
what? pool dorks.