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Big Bear Pics, New Years - Page 1

Jessica and I went up to Big Bear with Phil and Sarah for the New Years' weekend. We did some off roading, freaked out some snowboarders, threw sticks at dogs, broke a Hummer, and took alot of cheesy photos. Here they are.

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Phil's Hummer didn't quite make it to the trailhead. Busted transfer case on the 15.

Mark and I continued on the trail up to Big Bear. I think the trail was 2N17X.

Mark and TJ climbing with Silverwood Lake in the background.

Jeeping up over the top.

Silverwood Lake landscape.

Mark charging it, throwing some dust.

Our Jeeps on a hill top on 2N17X, Big Bear coming soon....

Mark on another hill.

Silverwood Lake again.

Nice jeep :-)
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