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60th Annual Marwood Block Party and Bike Parade

Tonight we hung out at the annual block party, and it was a blast. There's a lot of kids on this street, and they came out in full force. I've been to alot of parties, but This party was out of control.

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Google Satellite: Giant Pincher Bug Invades German Farm

How did this happen?


Feuding Neighbor Installs Custom Window

  1. Some guy builds a house.
  2. Neighbor get's mad because it blocks his view.
  3. Neighbor happens to be city council member, gets building code enforced.
  4. Neighbor's argue.
  5. New neighbor adds an custom designed window facing Mr. Council Member.



Half-suit for video conferencing

I need to get one of these. It's a Velcro-attached shirt that you can throw on for an important video conference meeting.

Each Businessbib has a slit back Velcro-sealed design and can be slipped over your T-shirt and shorts to give you to that sophisticated look in a jiffy. Once you're done with the meeting, you can remove the Businessbib and get back to your casual lifestyle.



Jeep Trip to Holcomb Valley, Big Bear

On Saturday, Scott invited us on a Jeep trip up around Holcomb Valley in Big Bear. We explored a bunch of trails and got a little lost. Here are the pictures.

Any photos with me in them are courtesy of Jim


Web Hosting with Travis

I just leased my own web server in a major east coast datacenter and I'm offering cheap web hosting to my friends in order to cover the costs.

If you're interested in having your own domain for a blog, photo gallery, business website, online store or anything else, please let me know.

The web hosting comes with all of the good stuff...
  • Your own domain
  • 1 gig of storage space
  • Email and web mail
  • Top-of-the-line management interface (Plesk)
  • PHP, MySQL, FrontPage and CGI support
  • 24x7 tech support (from your favorite web nerd, me!)
This site details all of the features: I can do personal sites for $4.99/mo and business sites for $9.99/mo.

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Our visit to Springville

Picture yourself an hour north of Bakersfield, California. You turn onto a highway towards the Sequoia National Forest (and not much else), but you exit into the sleepy little town of Springville. Population: 1,000.

Jessica and I spent Labor Day weekend visiting this strange place.

In Springville, the folks are really friendly, but they live life at a different pace than we do here in Orange County. There's no pretentiousness -- they are sincere and geniune. But they are different.

Here are some quotes that I collected from Springville:
  • "The mud feels good between your toes, and it's good for your athlete's foot" - heard on the shores of Lake Success, Springville's very own Lake Havasu.
  • "Hey kids, stop throwing rocks!" - Jessica's own words when she woke up to see barefoot kids in tighty whities throwing fistfuls of rocks at each other in the street. She thought it was funny until one of them took cover near her car.
  • "There was a mouse in the sink. He was dead though. A beer can fell on his head". - No comment.
  • "You have nice legs. They'd look really good if you were a girl" - A compliment I received from the old lady who ran the "Springville Zoo and Garage Sale". Uhhh, thanks.
I didn't take enough pictures to show Springville's character, but here they are anyway: Springville pictures. Don't miss the picture of the "Boatousine".

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2006 Elsinore Grand Prix Motocross Race

People are coming to my site looking for information on the upcoming 2006 Elsinore Grand Prix, and the official site is hard to find, so here it is: Register for the 2006 GFI Elsinore Grand Prix

If you've never been, the Elsinore Grand Prix is an incredible spectical. Thousands of people fill the streets of Lake Elsinore, CA for a weekend of dirty motorcycle racing through the hills and city streets. The race was made famous by the classic 1971 motocross film "On Any Sunday".

If you get bored, take a look at these pics from 2005.


Rising Health Care Costs are "Worth It"

Everyone loves to complain about the rising costs of health care and health insurance, but we seldom take a look at what we get for our money.

Harvard and the University of Michigan compared changes in health care costs vs. life-expectancy over the last 40 years and discovered that we're not getting ripped-off as much as we'd like to think.

Here are some interesting extracts from coverage on the report:

"The rising cost of health care has been the source of a lot of saber-rattling in the media and the public square, without anyone seriously analyzing and discussing the benefits gained," says Cutler. "But the dramatic increase in life expectancy that we've seen over the last decades shows that rising medical costs have been largely justified."
Conservatively adjusting for nonmedical factors in longevity such as lower smoking prevalence and reduced death rates from accidents, suicide, and homicide, the researchers attributed 50 percent of the increase in life expectancy since 1960 to improved health care.

Following this methodology, Cutler and colleagues estimated that from birth, the increased life expectancy since 1960 (approximately seven years, from 69.90 to 76.87 years) has cost $19,900 per added year of life.

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Vote for Moby in the OC Register

You need to go to the OC Register's "My Dog's Face" competition and vote for Moby. Personally, I'd give him a 10.

If he gets in the top 100, Moby gets his pic in the newspaper. He's pretty fired up about it. So just do it. Go vote.