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Jeep Trip to Holcomb Valley, Big Bear

On Saturday, Scott invited us on a Jeep trip up around Holcomb Valley in Big Bear. We explored a bunch of trails and got a little lost. Here are the pictures.

Any photos with me in them are courtesy of Jim


mmmMmmm... what's that brown stuff in the air? I haven't seen that in awhile. ;)

Looks like fun, you need to upgrade your Jeep so you can roll right over those rocks gardens.

By Anonymous LoPo, at 8:09 PM 

That's smoke from a fire. They don't have those in Nevada. Dirt doesn't burn.

By Anonymous Travis, at 8:22 PM 

Oh yeah.... I'd have to spend 5 or 10 grand to get to the next stage (axles, lockers, spring-over lift). That's going to have a low ROI in terms of fun, so I'll just have to be happy with what I've got :-)

By Anonymous Travis, at 7:50 AM

Apparently dirt burns.

How much would lockers be? You could traverse a ton more terrain with lockers and not lift, couldn't you?

By Anonymous LoPo, at 6:02 PM 

I could put a locker in each axle for $500/ea, but the stock axles are too weak. I think that they would eventually break on the trail. When you lock an axle, you're capable sending twice the amount of torque to a single wheel when you're on rocks.

By Anonymous Travis, at 11:37 AM 

What suspension/shocks did the yellow jeep have?

I am a person who owns a jeep and hits trails on a regular basis. Unlike you I go by myself and I have no knowledge of anything mechanical (yes I am a female) We have a awesome rock garden in this area. I went over part of it but I had no spotter so didn't finish.

I have originally from Yucaipa

By Blogger Jeeping Rose, at 11:03 AM 

I'm not sure about the suspension on the yellow jeep. He was not with us. He just happened to be on the trail that day.

By Anonymous Travis, at 11:36 AM 

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