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I came across this great marketing term today: Snobmoddities - the phenomenon of turning completely mundane commodities into chic, popular luxury items or goods, offering consumers a bewildering number of varieties of what were once invisible parts of daily life.

Think of all the consumer items that now command premium prices for diminished returns:
  • Water - Put a resource that literally falls from the sky in a pretty bottle and we'll pay $1.39 for it.
  • Coffee - Starbucks, anyone?
  • Shampoo - What is the difference between the $3 bottle and the $20 bottle? A couple of commercials.
The list goes on and on.


Gas Prices

I just filled up for $3.39 a gallon. Ouch!


Crazy Chalk Art

This is worth a look. This guy does some crazy chalk art. Check it out on Rock Da Mullet.


Weir Canyon Regional Park / Loop

Yesterday we took a walk on the Weir Canyon Loop in Anaheim Hills. The trail winds through the undeveloped foothills at the base of the Santa Ana Mountains. It's about 4 miles long, so the trail is a pretty good walk. It would have been a great ride on mountain bikes too.

From the top of the trail, you can look out and see most of North Orange County.

The landscape was very green due to the recent rains.

Jessica and Moby taking a nice long break.

Here is a map to the trailhead.


Wall Street Journal article

I got interviewed and mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article that came out today. The article is about the latest mapping web sites, including Yahoo Maps and Google Maps. I just had a little blip on the last paragraph, but it was kind of cool. Check it out.


Old School BMX Crashes at the Yorba Linda lakebed

I found some old video tapes of the guys crashing our BMX bikes in the Yorba Linda lakebed. These recordings were done about 10 years ago while we were in high school. Wow, we're getting old. Watch the video.

As you can see, we should not have survived this long.


Jessica is the National Tae Kwon Do champ!

Congratulations to Jessica! Yesterday she won first place at the Long Beach Tae Kwon Do Open. You may not have known this, but Grandmaster Jessica has been practicing her Tai Kwon Do daily since the age of 7. Here is a picture of her at the awards ceremony: