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Old Man Turns 60

My dad had his 60th birthday party in our backyard this weekend. We ate lots of good stuff and he jammed with his friends on stage. It was fun. View all of the photos.


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MelAndrew Baby Party

Melanie and Andrew had a co-ed baby party (shower?) at our house. We had fun. No babies were harmed. Here are some funny pics.

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New Years 2009 at Big Bear

Phil and Sarah invited us up to Big Bear for the weekend. We did some sledding and mountain stuff. It was fun. Here are a bunch of pics.


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Thanksgiving at San Mateo Campground

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends at San Mateo campground. We had a blast and ate an amazing feast. Here are some photos - mostly of my new nephew, Slater.


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Housewarming Party

We had a few friends over for a housewarming party. I think everyone had a good time. Here are some pics.


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Light Armored Vehicle Training at Camp Pendleton

Our friend Captain Ronny, USMC, invited us out to Camp Pendleton today to check out his LAV training facility before he leaves the Marines this week. Josh, Brian and I had a great time crawling through the LAV's and playing in the simulator. Go here to see some photos from Camp Pendleton


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Our Caribbean Cruise

A few weeks ago we went with four of our friends on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas. It was such a blast. These photos are a collection from all of our cameras. There are a lot of them, but they are pretty funny.

Go to the Caribbean Cruise photos.


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A Very Short Glamis Trip

Last month, Jim and James and I made a quick trip to Glamis, and it turned out quite sucky for me. I crashed my Jeep into a ditch and messed up the suspension. I managed to make it home. That means it's time for some repairs (upgrade!). Here are a few pics that I took.


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Mojave Road Photos - 2008

I just got back from a 130 mile drive through the Mojave Desert along the Mojave Road. Our group was huge, with 22 vehicles and 40 people. I don't think we lost anyone along the way. Everyone had a good time. I didn't have enough time to take as many photos as I wanted too, but here's what I got:

Go here to view all of the photos



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MLK 2008 in the Glamis Sand Dunes

We honored the great Martin Luther King Jr. by spending his holiday out in the dirty sand dunes of Glamis California. We had a really good time, but there were a lot of idiots out there. Go here to view the photos at Glamis.

Glamis-1004 Glamis-0248 Glamis-0382

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Lindsay and Ylianna

My buddy Lindsay got married yesterday. It was a blast. Here is a pic of the crazy couple.



This week I was inspired to take a second look through the tens of thousands of photographs that I have taken over the last few years. I picked out my favorites to create my own amateur photography portfolio.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I took a class back in high school. Normally I am a very analytical person, so photography pushes me to work on my creative side. That is always a challenge for me.

My friends know that I love to combine photography with almost every other experience in my life, so it's always exciting and there's always something new to work on.

Enough of that, take a look...

Enter my photography gallery

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476 Miles in Death Valley

We made it. 476.8 miles of off-roading through Death Valley. It took 4 days, but we hit just about every trail that we planned. We had a few breakdowns, some of us made a side trip the the emergency room, and we got hit by a monster sand storm, but it all worked out in the end. We met some great people, got really dirty and saw some of God's most incredible creations. Here are the pics - all 154 of them.


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San Onofre pics

A few weeks ago, we borrowed my parents' RV and spent 5 days at San Onofre State Beach. It's not the most beautiful campground, but we like it because they let you take your dog on the beach at trail 6. Our friends Gretchen and Peter met up with us on one of the days. We also went to my company picnic at Doheny State Beach. Here are a few pics.


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Birthday Party Pics at the River

We made a trip to the River for Sarah's birthday. Everyone had a blast. There was lots of Sea Doo wipeouts, hot pink shorts and other hijinks. Here are 3 pages of pics.


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Bonfire at Balboa Beach

Aimee threw a little party at the beach last tonight. Here are some weirdo pics.

The crew

Danger Joe

Weird flash

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Off-Roading to Santiago Peak

Jessica wanted to test out the four-wheel drive on her new 4Runner, so we made a quick trip up to Santiago Peak via Bedford Road and then Main Divide Road. Here are some pics.


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John and Katie

John and Katie got married last weekend. Nice job guys.

They also started a new website while on their honeymoon. Here it is.


Josh's Jack

Rose petals, liquorices, cloves and candied red fruits on the nose with a dry, full bodied, voluptuous mouth-feel of fresh strawberries, rhubarb and ripe red cherries in the mid-palate. The finish is a very long and full of holiday spices and dark red raspberries.

I don't know what that means, but it sure tastes good! My friend Josh started a wine label this year. If your into that sort of thing, check it out - Jack Wines.


Mountain Biking in Big Bear

Saturday was John's bachelor party, so we went mountain biking in Big Bear during the day. We took the lift at Snow Summit and rode Plantation Loop (14 miles) and then Upper and Lower Fall Lines. Yes, we were tired. Here are some pics.



Kickin It in the Backyard

We had a little fiesta at my parents' house this weekend. They just finished their backyard, so it's a fun place to hang out. A few pics are here.


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Off-Roading in Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, I took a business trip to Las Vegas for Networld Interop. One evening, after the show, my friend Julian of the 702 FJ Crew took me out for some Las Vegas off-road action in his Toyota FJ Cruiser.

We had a blast, exploring some desert canyons near Lake Mead, and then climbing up Frenchman Mountain for cool views of Las Vegas. Here are the pics.

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Memorial Weekend at Lake Havasu

Phil and Sarah showed us another fun weekend at Lake Havasu over Memorial Day Weekend. Go here for all of the pictures.

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High School Reunion

You know you're getting old when your 10 year reunion rolls around...

El Dorado High School Class of '97 Reunion

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More Mojave Road Pics

Jim sent me some good pics from the Mojave Road, so I added them to my collection. They're mixed in and labeled "Jim's Pic" if you want to look at them.

Also, check out John's pics and Ron's pics.

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The Mojave Road, 2007

Three days and 138 miles of beautiful, untouched high desert that begins at the Colorado River and ends near Barstow California. We had a great trip this year with 20 guys in 13 vehicles. Nobody broke down, nobody got hurt and everyone got along. Can't ask for much more than that. Here are the pictures.

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The Wal-mart Crowd

I was in the sporting goods department at Wal-Mart the other day. I'm minding my own business when this weird guy decides that he's going to try out a brand new sleeping bag right in the middle of the store.




My friends started reproducing in the last year or so. Here is the list of growing families:
What the heck!


Wahoo's Customer of the Month

We finally made "Customer of the Month" at the Wahoo's in Fashion Island. It took us guys at the office 2 years of dedication and thousands of dollars in burrito consumption, but we finally made it onto the wall.

According to the manager, Omar, you have to eat at Wahoo's several times a week for several years, plus you have to be "Fun" in order to be declared customer of the month. I don't think we met either of those requirements.

Sorry for the crappy picture of a picture.

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Texas Hold 'em

We've been playing Texas Hold 'em with Craig and Alice lately. Jessica was 2 for 2 when we played last weekend. Watch out, she knows how to bluff.


60th Annual Marwood Block Party and Bike Parade

Tonight we hung out at the annual block party, and it was a blast. There's a lot of kids on this street, and they came out in full force. I've been to alot of parties, but This party was out of control.

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Julian's FJ Cruiser Las Vegas

My friend Julian just uploaded a video of him off-roading his bright blue FJ Cruiser near Las Vegas. Looks like fun. Strange music.

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The Fun of Blogs and Personal Websites

I've been nerding out with this website for almost 7 years now, but I've really enjoyed watching the recent blog popularity explosion catch up to my friends. Over the last two years, almost all of my friends have entered the online publishing world, either with blogs, personal websites or even business sites. If you include MySpace profiles, it probably has reached 95% of my friends.

In fact, the final holdout is my own wife, although I did get her to blog on this site once.

I think most my blogging friends have discovered that it is difficult to write something interesting on a weekly basis. Personally, I get around this hurdle by writing about something whether it is interesting or not. Sucks for you, but at least it gives people a reason to check my site on a regular basis.

Anyway, the whole point is to get you to check out some of my friends' websites when you get a chance.