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New puppy on the way

After Moby passed away, we (Jessica) decided that we (Jessica) were going to get a "Goldendoodle" puppy. We've been waiting for four months now, and he will never be able to replace Moby, but here are some pictures of our future pup that the breeder sent to us.

A mini goldendoodle is a hybrid between a Golden Retriever and a Toy Poodle. Don't ask how that works. Our puppy currently resides at the breeders home in Bakersfield, CA. We will get to bring him home in June.

Update: Go here to view more Goldendoodle Puppy pics


The Huntington

Last weekend Jessica and I went to the Huntington. It's not that exciting, but it was a good place to take a few pictures. Here are the pics.


Sierra Club Print Job

The Sierra Club, renowned for both protecting our natural forests and restricting our rights to visit them, sent me a flyer the other day asking me to help stop logging in California's forests.

Here's the funny part - the mailer contained no less than nine separate printed pieces of paper, including envelopes and a useless sticker calendar.

Save the forest, indeed.

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Parents in Panama

Here are some pictures taken from a live web cam today of my parents going through the Panama Canal on a cruise ship. Google Earth says that they are roughly 2,962.56 miles away from me right now, which is probably the farthest they've ever been from home. Time to throw a party.

From the bridge

Panama Canal Cam


Crystal Cove State Park

Last month Jessica and I went to Crystal Cove State Park. The beach was pretty nice. Here are a few pics.


Black Star Canyon and Trabuco Creek Road

Jessica and I went for a hike up Black Star Canyon yesterday. There have been old rumors of strange things happening in this place, such as ghost sightings (blah) and armed land owners wrongly accusing people of trespassing and threatening them. We saw none of this wierdness, but the heavy cloudcover did make the trip kind of spooky.

Next we did a few minutes of off-roading up Trabuco Creek.

I declare Trabuco Creek to be the lamest off-road trail in Southern California.

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Mojave 250 Desert Race

Six of us went out to watch the Mojave 250 desert race this weekend. The race was a blast and we had some good off-roading adventures of our own. Here are the pictures.