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Jeeping up Cleghorn

Scott and I took the day and ran our Jeeps up Cleghorn ridge. Here are the pics.


San Onofre, San Clemente Beaches

Jessica and I hung out with family and friends at San Clemente State Beach during Thanksgiving weekend. It was a good chance to work on my photography. Here are some pics.


Goodyear MTR's

New shoes on the Jeep... Goodyear MTR's. I've never had mud tires before, so this should be fun.


Thanksgiving Dinner


We had Alice and her friend Craig over for Thanksgiving. We ate a feast, then went to our neighbor Debbie's house for more food an hour later. Good times!

Motocross Pictures from Lake Elsinore

Somehow I managed to get a press pass for the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix. It's a weekend-long motocross race around downtown Elsinore. It's 4 miles long, with sections of pavement, hills and a jump section. I caught the last two races, including the Harvey Mushman 100. Check out the pics!

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Glamis Pictures, November 2005


A bunch of us went out to Glamis for a great weekend. I took over 300 shots with our new camera, but here are the best of them...

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New websites

A few of my friends have started new web sites. Here they are:

Brock's Blogspot

James' Site