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Another Wild Trip to West Virginia

Jessica and I spent some more time in West Virginia and Kentucky with her mom. While I was there, I watched a mud bog, a drag race, a demolition derby, went into a coal mine, watched a civil war reenactment,went into a cave, county fair, ate junk food and a bunch of other stuff. Go here to view a whole bunch of photos.

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Visiting the Hills of West Virginia

We went to visit Jessica's mom in the hills of West Virginia for a week. We had a great time and the people there are so nice. We saw a lot of curious sights and met some people who were very different. Good times! Here are the photos.


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Fullerton Squirrels

Fullerton is being overrun by squirrels. There is a pair of them living in our oak tree. Every morning they like to taunt the dog and bury acorns all over our lawn. Here are some photos that I took today.

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Dorking Around in the Wrightwood Snow

Jessica's mom is in town, so we spontaneously drove up to Wrightwood to check out the snow. Here are some embarrassing photos of us goofing off.


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This week I was inspired to take a second look through the tens of thousands of photographs that I have taken over the last few years. I picked out my favorites to create my own amateur photography portfolio.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since I took a class back in high school. Normally I am a very analytical person, so photography pushes me to work on my creative side. That is always a challenge for me.

My friends know that I love to combine photography with almost every other experience in my life, so it's always exciting and there's always something new to work on.

Enough of that, take a look...

Enter my photography gallery

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Fishing on El Jefe

My dad hooked us up with a trip on a private fishing boat. Here we are, catching a lot of Barracuda and bass near San Onofre State Beach. More pics here.


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The Huntington

Last weekend Jessica and I went to the Huntington. It's not that exciting, but it was a good place to take a few pictures. Here are the pics.


More Parrots

More parrots in Fullerton. They come back every night right at dusk. So loud!

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The Wild Parrots of Fullerton

Here's the story - a long time ago, a local pet shop let some parrots loose near Fullerton. They multiplied and thrived, and now there is a flock of about 100 of them that fly around downtown Fullerton. When they come around, you can hear them a few blocks away.

I once watched a documentary about similar parrots in San Francisco - it was called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Jessica and I watch plenty strange, obscure documentaries from Netflix.

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Fullerton Squirrel

There's a squirrel gathering nuts in our front yard. Strange.

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