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1 Million Pages Viewed in 2006

Most will agree that consists of silly pictures and lame anecdotes from my life. Honestly, there is no reason for you to be looking at this web site.

Nevertheless, I looked at my web statistics for 2006 and I realized that this site had over 1,000,000 page views from almost 120,000 visitors in the last year.

The Internet has put the entire knowledge of this earth at our fingertips, but I have led you astray with pictures of puppies, off-roading and Wahoo's fish tacos.

Sorry about that.


Travsite: Best and Worst of 2006

This is a little late, but I thought it would be fun to highlight the coolest and lamest things on my blog over the last year

The Best
  1. Things to do in Orange County - This list has been popular in Google, and I always get emails asking about some of the activities on it. Kind of fun.
  2. Saudi Sand Duners - I still get a kick out of this one.
  3. Old School BMX Video - Highlights from our days in the Yorba Linda lakebed.
  4. Medieval Times - dinner and tournament!
  5. Jessica Blogs! - her first blog post ever. Not likely to happen again.
  6. Marwood Block Party - I love this neighborhood.
  7. Springville, CA - Have you ever seen "Deliverance"?
The Worst
  1. The Impeach Bush Van - 3,700 visits and 27 comments - this post was covered by numerous major political blogs. Still can't figure out what this guy was thinking.
  2. Hotmail Deletes Jessica's Account After 30 Days - Hotmail is the worst webmail out there. Switch to something else now.
  3. OC Bratt - wonders never cease.
  4. 18" Sausage Dog - no comment
  5. Del Taco Sends Me to the E.R. - I couldn't eat chicken soft tacos for months.
  6. 10 Dumbest Things at the Off-Road Expo - bling bling!
  7. Shakey's Pizza - don't click here.
2007 is shaping up to be even better...


Web Hosting with Travis

I just leased my own web server in a major east coast datacenter and I'm offering cheap web hosting to my friends in order to cover the costs.

If you're interested in having your own domain for a blog, photo gallery, business website, online store or anything else, please let me know.

The web hosting comes with all of the good stuff...
  • Your own domain
  • 1 gig of storage space
  • Email and web mail
  • Top-of-the-line management interface (Plesk)
  • PHP, MySQL, FrontPage and CGI support
  • 24x7 tech support (from your favorite web nerd, me!)
This site details all of the features: I can do personal sites for $4.99/mo and business sites for $9.99/mo.

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