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Useful Stuff on the Internet - Part 1

My friends are under the impression that I know my way around the Internet, so I figure that it's time I shared some of my favorite tools and sites. This is Part 1 in a series in which I will point out some of the most useful sites that I have found.
  • Manly Tools for Sale on Craigslist
    New tools are expensive, so I keep an eye out for anything useful. I suspect that some of this stuff is stolen from construction sites, so be careful out there.
  • Kayak - Best site to search for cheap flights
    This site has the best searching tools that I've seen. They don't sell anything themselves - they just search all of the travel sites to find the best deal - and it works.
  • Consumer Reports
    This is kind of old-school, but why would you buy anything without researching it in Consumer Reports first? CR is completely independent and unbiased. It's the best way to see past the marketing gimmicks and hype that is rampant in the present consumer marketplace. A yearly membership is worth the price. Or just email me and I'll look it up for you.
  • California Earthquake Map
    Wow this list just got really random. I only look at this when the earth shakes, but it's still cool.
  • Google Docs - Replacement for Microsoft Office
    I started using Google Docs a few years go for all of my personal documents. Google has equivalents of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and your docs are stored online so you can get to them from any computer. Plus it's free.
If you have a lot of time, I keep all 339 of my bookmarks on, organized by tags. You can learn alot about a person from their bookmarks. Scary.