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Thanksgiving at San Mateo Campground

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends at San Mateo campground. We had a blast and ate an amazing feast. Here are some photos - mostly of my new nephew, Slater.


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So I'm trimming a big tree in my front yard today and a huge cloud of smoke from the Yorba Linda/Brea fire darkens the sky. My neighbor comes over and kindly warns me about the dangers of working outdoors in the smoke. That was really nice of her, but as she was telling me about smoke inhalation, she was puffing on a cigarette!

I just thought that was kind of funny.

Dark sky at 2:00 PM


Another Day at the Office

I always have a hard time explaining to my friends what I do at work... so I made you a video:

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Rockin Out

Ever wonder what my Dad does in his spare time? Here his is with Dave at a local coffee shop.