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Posts California Voter Guide

I try very hard to vote "principle over pragmatism and partisanship". Some of you may find these recommendations hard to digest, and I would suggest that you go back and read the Constitution to discover the principles of freedom that this country was founded upon.

Barack Obama - NO - Enemy of our Constitution - Violates the 2nd Amendment, supports FISA act, Patriot Act and the subversive advancement of Socialism upon the United States.
John McCain - NO - Enemy of our Constitution - Supports the elimination of political free speech, warrantless wiretapping, suspension of habeas corpus, FISA act, Patriot act, and the general unconstitutional expansion of federal power, especially the Executive Branch.

We must not let the Republican party continue to stray from the ideals of a limited government, personal responsibility and individual freedom. If you continue to vote for Republicans while they crush our rights and expand government power, you will have wasted your vote and done your share to bring about the demise of freedom in this country.

There are other choices - Bob Barr (Libertarian). You can also write in Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party). Both are registered as write-in candidates in California, which means your vote will be counted.

Prop 8 to Define Marriage - NO - By asking the government to define marriage, Prop 8 supporters are adding to the never-ending deluge of state intrusion into our personal lives. That is the exact opposite of the "small government" that conservatives claim as a principle. We should not give the government the power to define marriage.

Government should also not have the power to force our children to learn about homosexual lifestyles at a young age in school, but that is a completely separate problem that needs to be fought on its own - do not confuse the issues.

Props 1A, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 - NO - These are all proposals to borrow more money. If you haven't noticed, the State of California is in such dire financial straights that it is having problems borrowing money to make its payroll. Borrowing and adding more debt at this point in time is ludicrous.

Prop 4 - Parental Notification for Abortion - YES - I believe that every abortion results in the death of an innocent child, and Prop 4 is a constitutional way to help prevent some abortions.

Feel free to leave your inflamed comments below.


Tree Hugger

Two of my friends helped me haul away a ton (literally) of trees, shrubs and weeds to the dump on Saturday after I got a warning from the city about excessive growth on the street behind us. I wasn't going to post this but one of them specifically asked me NOT to. Thanks guys!



I've been buying stuff online with the same Visa card since 2001, using it at hundreds of random small web stores all across the world. I've never had any fraudulent charges until today, about 2 months after I stopped using the card.

It looks like the Apple Store and Napster got ripped off for $1.


Ladder time

Sorry if I haven't been posting much lately. I have been spending a lot of time up on ladders.

24 feet and I can't reach that dang chimbley.

Painting this staircase/gable took 4 different sizes of ladders and a lot of stretching

Ghetto paintbrush extender


Ode to Craigslist

Today I met some guy at a storage yard in Irvine on my lunch break to buy some ladders. Big ladders. Now that I think about it, I've picked up and dumped a lot of things on Craigslist over the years. I searched through my old email just to get an idea:

  • Old mountain bike
  • Dirty Manhattan apartment (rented)
  • A lot of furniture
  • Day labor
  • Large, old ugly piano
  • Small house (rented)
  • Used cell phone from a sweaty guy in a van with no windows
  • Jeep part(s)
  • Camera lens(es)
  • Car audio installation by two high school kids
  • Ice machine for work
  • Washer/dryer(s)
  • Old, ugly sofas (2004, before Orange County was on Craigslist)
  • A lot of furniture
  • A lot of furniture for a relative
  • Large, old ugly piano
  • Yamaha quad, slightly abused
  • Small house (rented out)
  • Jeep part(s)
  • Car(s)
  • Washer/dryer(s)
When you consider that each of these transactions involves meeting face-to-face in a dark alley with some weirdo from the Internet, it all adds up to a lot of fun.