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Poop Blog

More joys from our house. Sewer clogged, Dad came over with a snake. This monster came out of the end. Time to order some dangerous chemicals on the Internet.


Baby Slater

This is my new nephew, baby Slater. He was born today and now he's kind of tired.


Watch Your Fingers

We have a tree problem at my new house. I counted them today - 80 trees.

Then I found the solution at a garage sale up the street. An old 5 horsepower wood chipper for $75. It's a good chipper, but when it doesn't like a tree limb, it spits it back at your face. I spent the day forcing down the remains of a dead pine tree that my dad help me cut down last weekend.

While I was doing this my new friend, Sefarino de Homedepot, filled at least 25 trash bags with leaves.

Fire it up

Watch out!