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Merry Christmas from New York

We're on our seventh day in New York and we're having a great time. Jessica and I just moved from the Mid-town apartment with my family to a little one bedroom Craigslist rental on the Upper East Side near Central Park. Tonight we took the subway down to hipster paradise, a grungy neighborhood of the Lower East Side, where we went to a very unusual modern art museum and ate world famous pastrami at Katz' Deli.

Here is the view from our little place for the next few days.

Of course, more when we get back.

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What a Dork!

Coda got his first haircut. Hahahaha fat head!


Costco Bling

It's Christmas time, so I get daily emails from every store that I've ever shopped at. I usually just delete them, but I glanced at Costco's mailer for today...

Right next to a $200 dorm fridge, they advertise a $59,999 diamond ring. Huh? At least it comes with free delivery.


Surfing Photos from Newport Beach

There was a huge swell today, so I woke up before dawn and took some surfing photos down at Newport Beach. It was fun. Go here to see a few of them.


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Goofballs in the Rain


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