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Halo 3 Arrives

If you haven't seen me lately, it's because Halo 3 came out this week. It's the best game I've ever played. Join me if you have Xbox live... my screen name is MoboOne.

Here are some hi-res screen shots that I made while I was playing. Yes, I am a nerd.

MoboOne getting blown up

MoboOne getting run over

MoboOne crashing an ATV and getting blown up


Baby Bologne

If you're interested, they sell "Baby Bologne" at the Persian market in Irvine.

But is it made from real babies? I say false advertising.

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San Onofre pics

A few weeks ago, we borrowed my parents' RV and spent 5 days at San Onofre State Beach. It's not the most beautiful campground, but we like it because they let you take your dog on the beach at trail 6. Our friends Gretchen and Peter met up with us on one of the days. We also went to my company picnic at Doheny State Beach. Here are a few pics.


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