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Josh's Jack

Rose petals, liquorices, cloves and candied red fruits on the nose with a dry, full bodied, voluptuous mouth-feel of fresh strawberries, rhubarb and ripe red cherries in the mid-palate. The finish is a very long and full of holiday spices and dark red raspberries.

I don't know what that means, but it sure tastes good! My friend Josh started a wine label this year. If your into that sort of thing, check it out - Jack Wines.


Mountain Biking in Big Bear

Saturday was John's bachelor party, so we went mountain biking in Big Bear during the day. We took the lift at Snow Summit and rode Plantation Loop (14 miles) and then Upper and Lower Fall Lines. Yes, we were tired. Here are some pics.



More Coda Pics

Wow, we've been really busy lately. Here are a few puppy pics from the previous two weeks. Puppies are a lot of work!

See the Goldendoodle pics.



Why I Avoid Car Dealers....

To replace a cracked front windshield on an 1999 Honda Accord:
Independent, Certified Windshield Installer - $208, Installed at your home

Buena Park Honda - $444 + Labor
In other words, never have your car repaired by the dealer, unless it's for warranty repair or serious electronic issues. Independent auto mechanics do better work for half the price. And they're nicer, too.


Kickin It in the Backyard

We had a little fiesta at my parents' house this weekend. They just finished their backyard, so it's a fun place to hang out. A few pics are here.


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Coda Meets Roomba

Coda and Roomba met today. It sucked at first, but they are friends now.



Off-Roading in Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, I took a business trip to Las Vegas for Networld Interop. One evening, after the show, my friend Julian of the 702 FJ Crew took me out for some Las Vegas off-road action in his Toyota FJ Cruiser.

We had a blast, exploring some desert canyons near Lake Mead, and then climbing up Frenchman Mountain for cool views of Las Vegas. Here are the pics.

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Fullerton Market Night

We're working on socializing Coda while he's young, so we took him to Fullerton Market Night. It gets pretty busy, so it was a good place to get him used to being around a lot of noise. He met plenty of new people. Here are a few pics.


Coda the Goldendoodle Puppy Comes Home

We brought home our new Goldendoodle puppy yesterday. His name is "Coda", like the musical symbol. Coda is almost 8 weeks old. So far, our time with him have been great. He seems to be potty trained since he hasn't left any surprises inside for us yet. He still doesn't know his name, but he is well behaved for being a puppy. We can't wait to take him out once he has all of his shots.

Click here to see the Goldendoodle Puppy Pictures