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More Parrots

More parrots in Fullerton. They come back every night right at dusk. So loud!

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The Wild Parrots of Fullerton

Here's the story - a long time ago, a local pet shop let some parrots loose near Fullerton. They multiplied and thrived, and now there is a flock of about 100 of them that fly around downtown Fullerton. When they come around, you can hear them a few blocks away.

I once watched a documentary about similar parrots in San Francisco - it was called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Jessica and I watch plenty strange, obscure documentaries from Netflix.

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Wahoo's Customer of the Month

We finally made "Customer of the Month" at the Wahoo's in Fashion Island. It took us guys at the office 2 years of dedication and thousands of dollars in burrito consumption, but we finally made it onto the wall.

According to the manager, Omar, you have to eat at Wahoo's several times a week for several years, plus you have to be "Fun" in order to be declared customer of the month. I don't think we met either of those requirements.

Sorry for the crappy picture of a picture.

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