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Off-Road Cover Shots

I'm finally "published"! Three of my photos made the cover of San Diego Off-Road Magazine today. It's a popular monthly magazine for all Southern California off-roaders. The photos were from our recent trip to Glamis.


Travis is Time Man of the Year

It looks like I just made Time Man of the Year. Well actually, everyone who uses the Internet is the Time Person of the Year. But, since I use the Internet more than anyone else (some might say I use it "too much"), I gladly accept this award on behalf of the rest of the world.

Thank you.



Fullerton Squirrel

There's a squirrel gathering nuts in our front yard. Strange.

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Motorcycle Show

I went to the International Motorcycle Show for a few hours last weekend. The highlight of the event was getting my picture taken with this Famous Flatbiller. I felt bad for the guy... nobody else wanted a picture with him. Kinda funny.


Gigantic Gay Deer at South Coast Plaza

Who designed this year's giant decorations that surround South Coast Plaza?


On the Bus


I lost my old cell phone, so I bought another one from a shady guy on Craigslist. He met me in a parking lot and he drove a white van with no windows. It was your stereotypical Craigslist transaction.

Here is a crappy video from my new phone. I like to call it "On the bus".