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Phone Cam Pic - OC Bratt

This car is always parked at the office building where I work. Classy, right?


Pictures from Big Sur

If you missed us, we just got back from a week in Big Sur. If you don't know what Big Sur is, you have to see the pictures. Go here for Big Sur Pictures.

Snail Mail Spam

Please excuse the randomness of this post...

I do Internet work in the HR/Insurance industry, but I don't know much about insurance and employee benefits. Maybe that's why this invitation to the "Defined Contribution Conference" that I received seems like the most boring event in the history of the world. It baffles me that people would be interested in this stuff. Even the invitation is a drab, with a washed-out photograph and crowded with names that I would never recognize. They didn't even try to make the event seem exciting.

I suppose that most people would feel the same way about a technology conference that I would be interested in, but that's no excuse for such a bland marketing piece.


At the San Clemente Pier

We met up with the family at San Clemente Pier to celebrate a bunch of birthdays. If you're ever in the area, try out the Fishermans Warf Restaurant & Bar right on the pier. Good stuff.


Medieval Times

In case you were wondering.... Yes, Midieval Times in Buena Park is still around. Alice and Craig took us there last night. The show is just as cheesy as it was when I was 12, but the special effects have improved. That was a fun flashback.


School trip to San Juan Capistrano

Hi this is a guest post from Jessica. Today I took my 4th graders to Mission San Juan Capistrano. Aren't they precious?