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Memorial Day BBQ

Hanging out at the Sheets' Financial Statement


I thought that it would be fun to show what a pittance I make from the advertisements on this website. I'll use April 2006 as an example, one of my better months.

Keep in mind that I see an unusual amount of traffic for a personal site. This site has been around since 1999 and I constantly add new stuff, so I get an unusual amount of visitors from random Google searches. In the month of April, I had 8,960 visits and 94,250 pageviews. Here's how that works out in monthly earnings:

SectionPage impressions Clicks Earnings
travsite. com/ Yorkie-Poo-Puppy 4,892119$7.70
travsite. com/ 2004 2717$5.16
travsite. com/ wedding 7,5969$3.42
travsite. com/ camping 1,3407$2.73
travsite. com/ 2003 2,03439$2.19
travsite. com/ 2006 4554$1.71
travsite. com/ havasu 2,8351$0.86
travsite. com/ Glamis 6,9455$0.69
travsite. com/ Jeep 7952$0.49
travsite. com/ offroad 1,8744$0.42
travsite. com/ 2005 2182$0.20
travsite. com/ 2002 203$0.12
travsite. com/ pismo 3001$0.10
travsite. com/ motocross 4521$0.03
Total for April 2006$30.47

As you can see, Moby the Yorkie Poo is our top earner, bringing in $7.70 per month all by himself. Unfortunately, that is much less than his share of the family budget. He also suffered a major financial setback this month after several visits to the vet, caused by a wayward trip into a patch of foxtails. Needless to say, Moby is deep in debt and his credit line is wearing thin.

Moby slowly earning his keep through online advertising.

Off-Roading on the Mojave Road

We just got back from a 3-day off-road trip across the Mojave Desert on the historic Mojave Road. We had a blast, and nobody broke down. Click here for the story along with the pictures:


Santa Ana Immigration Rally

I drove through downtown Santa Ana on May Day just to see what was going on with all of this immigration rally business.
I learned that an immigration rally has a lot in common with any other Santa Ana Car Cruise, except...
  1. Instead of a Laker flag, you wave a US flag.
  2. Participants honk their horn constantly, instead of just waiting for the chicas to walk by.