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Riding NF-3N24

Eric, Blane and I went dirt bike riding up on trial 3N24 up near Cajon Pass on Saturday. Here is a pic of this crazy hill that they call "The Widowmaker". That's Blane at the bottom.

Update: Eric put the rest of the pics up on his site.


Saudi Arabian Sand Dunes

Abdulla wrote me to show us that the Saudi Arabians have thier own version of Glamis' Oldsmobile Hill. Check out the sand toys that these guys have.

More pics at


Cookie the Dirt Bike Dog

Back when I took pictures of the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix motocross race, there was this guy who rode the race with his dog on his lap.

The guy found my site and wrote me. Apparently this is "Cookie the Dirt Bike Dog". Just thought you should know that.


Another Glamis Trip

We went out to Glamis on February 4th for some riding. By the end of the trip, we had broken two motorcycles, gotten an Xterra hopelessly stuck in the middle of nowhere, ran out of gas and watched a helicopter evade the police. It was definitely a good trip. Check out the pics