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Norway Adventures

James and Aimee started a blog for thier trip to Norway. Here it is: Norway Adventures

Surfing in Newport Beach

There was a big storm this week, so I went to the beach on Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd to take some surfing pics. The light and fog made for crappy photography, but the waves were nice. Here are my first surfing shots, mostly from the jetty at 28th Street in Newport Beach. Click here for the pics.


Home Equity

If you've ever wondered why your neighbors and coworkers seem so rich, here's some insight: It's probably debt, to be paid back at a later date.


Jones Soda: Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto

We had a little holiday party last night with a white elephant gift exchange. Andrew and Melanie brought the Jones Soda Holiday Pack. We were doing taste tests when we got to the "Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto" flavor.

Six of us tasted it simultaneously. Two of us immediately threw up, the other four gagged and almost barfed. Chaos ensued. It is so nasty! Here is an action shot. Notice Larry running for the bathroom on the left.


Editorial: Automobile Gimmicks

Ten or fifteen years ago, automakers started building cars that lasted longer. Engineering and material advances meant no more sun-cracked dashboards, flaking paint or 100k engine overhauls. This was great for the carbuyer, but the automaker said "Oh crap, who's going to buy new cars if the old ones last a long time?"

The Solution

Fill these new, long lasting cars with dozens of pseudo-useful plastic gadgets, gimmicks, whizbangers and gobschnoblers. It wasn't long before cars were filled with auto-dimming rear view mirrors, adaptive turning headlights, digital compasses, headlight washers, lane-departure warning systems, fingerprint ignition, digital curb feelers and servo-driven cup holders.

The Result

These overly-complex, plastic parts break down after the warranty is up. The car functions perfectly well, but broken widgets and gizmos make the care FEEL old and run down. Unnecessary sensors trigger constant dashboard reminders of broken sensors that aren't worth fixing. Eight-way electronic seats would only move in seven. Auto-folding mirrors get stuck. Etc, etc, etc.

In the end, you sell a perfectly good car at 70,000-100,000 miles and buy a brand new one with even more gimmicks. The endless cycle of useless bling begins anew.

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Christmas Tree

We went to Target this afternoon and picked up a christmas tree. It kept falling over until I shimmed it up with a bunch of screwdrivers. Stupid tree.

Pictures from the San Diego Zoo

Jessica and I went down to San Diego this weekend to hang out with Gretchen and Pete. On the way, we stopped at the San Diego Zoo and looked at the aminals. Here are the pics.