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Getting LinkedIn

If you haven't already tried this, you should get on LinkedIn. I guess you could call it the "MySpace" of the business world. You sign in, tell it which companies you've worked for, and then the site asks you who you already know. From there, you can see your "network", which is based on degrees of separation. It's kinda fun to connect with your old co-workers and business contacts. If you know me, add me as


Eric's New Site

Eric got rid of and launched his new site, It looks pretty good, even though he uses Frontpage :-) While you're there, check out that dirt bike. Pretty sweet.

Another Angel Game

I got to go to another Angel game, this time in the suite that my work provided. I took my dad. Here's an exciting pic:


Fun at an Angels Game

We got to watch the Angel Game from a suite at Angel Stadium on Saturday. We met some retired Angels pitcher (Clyde Wright?), who proceeded to rip on me because my wife has never been to a baseball game. Here is a pic of the whole group.