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Dust to Glory

If you like desert racing, dirt bikes, trophy trucks and dust, you have to go see Dust to Glory. It's a great look at one of the craziest sports events on earth.


The Freaks of Venice Beach

We went to Venice Beach on Saturday. Check out all the freaks!

Google Satellite pics of Off-Road Spots

Here are some satellite photos of the Southern California off-road and Jeep trails.

Glamis, CA
Oceano Dunes (Pismo), CA
Dumont Dunes, CA (No Hi-Res)
Johnson Valley/Soggy Dry Lake, CA (No Hi-Res)
Stoddard Wells Road (Area used for the old "SCORE Fireworks 250")
Lytle Creek
Cleghorn/Silverwood Lake, CA
Santiago Peak/Silverado Canyon, CA
Yorba Linda, CA (not really a legal off road spot, but Lopo and I got a ticket for Jeeping there once.)

I'll post any more that I can think of.


Another Off-Road Trip to Glamis

We just got back from a fun Glamis trip. Scott and I really got a chance to test out our Jeeps :-)

Here are the pics.


Off-Roading in Lytle Creek

Scott and I tested our Jeeps in Lytle Creek. It was very washed out. Here are the pics.