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Tsunami Earthquake Videos

Having never seen a Tsunami, it's hard to understand it would be like. These videos of the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean might help understand. They are very chilling.

Tsunami hits some kind of resort. Watch how quickly the water rises to the second story. The guy in the butt-huggers is in shock.

Tsunami hits a beach - This one actually shows the wave hitting the beach. Truly amazing and sad.

Tsunami hits a resort in Sri Lanka - View from above a resort.

Long CNN video - 14 minutes, many frightening images, so sad.


A Picture Share!

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Agressive signage


Camping at El Pabellon in San Quentin

Some family and friends went camping in San Quentin, Baja Mexico over Thanksgiving. Jessica and I couldn't make it, but my Jeep did. Here are a few of the pics. They stayed at the El Pabellon campground, right on the beach. I've been there before, it's really fun.

Christmas Boat Parade

Jessica's Mom got us onto the Catalina Flyer with about 10,000 of the Sheepfold kids. We cruised around Newport Harbor, checking out all of the christmas lights on the houses and the boats. It was pretty fun. Check out the pics.


Picture of our Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas Tree. It came from Lowe's, which had a much better selection than Target. Unfortunately it's a shorty because the ceiling is lower in the front of our house. Jessica and I decorated it last night.

Getty Pictures

Jessica and I went to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles today. It was pretty fun. Check out the pics.

Trading Spouses at Glamis Rumor

This weird email came in yesterday. I've never seen "Trading Spouses", but I don't think that I would wish this on any of my friends.

Hello, I am in the casting division of the Fox reality hit show Trading Spouses! We are currently casting our third season and would love a family involved with everything the Glamis Dunes and off-road enthusiasts have to offer! It would be a wonderful opportunity to show the nation what its like on a daily basis. Families must have two parental units and children over the age of six living at home. If you or anyone you know is interested, please email me or call me. I would be happy to answer any questions you would have. Than you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Rocket Science Laboratories
Casting Manager

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