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Broken BMW M3 Oil Plug Bolt

I went to change the oil in my car, which happens to have an aluminum oil pan and hollow plug. Since I am too cheap to buy a proper torque wrench, I broke the bolt off in the oil pan like an idiot. I was panicked, since taking the oil pan off is a weekend project involving an engine lift. Fortunately, I was able to jam a screwdriver in the hollow part of the bolt and screw it out very carefully. Woohooo!

A Military Order

I know that the Internet is fueled by freaks and kooks, but I still can't believe that someone out there could create something so hillariously stupid. Interesting Flash Movie


Harbor Freight Trailer

I finally finished building my birthday present... a Harbor Freight 4'x 8' foldable trailer. It's nice because when I'm not using it, it rolls right in our garage standing upright on casters. Two Pictures: Trailer folded Ready to go


Sago Tree Blossom picture

I'm not sure what this is, but it's growing in the middle of our Sago Palm.

Update:Someone emailed me and said that it was a "Queen Sago" and it's getting ready to have seeds.


Silverado Canyon and Santiago Peak

Jessica and I jeeped it up to Santiago Peak for my birthday this weekend. We only took one pic. She also got me a Palm Pilot :-)

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