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DJ LoPo really is a DJ!

LoPo actually bought some turntables and a mixer! Now he's practicing so he can bust the dope beats and spin some tunes. yea. Next month he'll be headlining with DJ Dan and Bad Boy Bill. Ok so he's not yet, but someday....(Ok so my room is messy and he's got the tables set up on a ironing board.....leave us alone.)

Glamis was sweet.

Cool we're back and we had a blast! check out the pics right here.


Glamis here we come!

Alright me, LoPo, Matt, Eric and Brian are heading off for some serious off-roading action at the Glamis sand dunes. Im gonna launch my jeep off some dune and break it! yeah! If you dont know what Glamis is, then you're one sick puppy and you should click here to find out. Pics (and possibly movies) will be up when we get back.


Deathcon LAN was sweet

Well, Deathcon is over and it was dope! we did all sorts of cool things, like play quake.....and um.....played more quake.

Me and DJ LoPo are going to the Deathcon LAN tomorrow! its going to rock.