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Christmas in New York City

My parents took us to New York City for Christmas. It was a really fun trip. In no particular order, here are the things we saw and did:
  • Looked at Rolexes for $25 in Chinatown, watch out for the cops
  • The old Yankee Stadium, to be torn down soon
  • Times Square madness
  • East Village hipster central
  • 7 floors of Macys
  • Dozens of street musicians and subway artists
  • Ground Zero - giant hole in the ground
  • Assault rifles and police on Wall St.
  • One neighborhood in the Bronx (lets get back on the train)
  • Ice skating with hundreds of kids in Central Park on Christmas
  • Freezing cold boat ride around the city at night
  • Seeing the city from the top of Rockefeller Center.
  • Watching the Lion King on Broadway
  • Watching the old fashioned Rockettes show on Christmas
  • Walking all the way across Manhattan in the rain at midnight just because
  • A couple of crazy taxi rides
  • Ran through a Brooklyn Ghetto
  • One really snooty modern art museum
  • Wandered through Times Square on New Years Eve
  • Breakdancers in Columbus Circle
Here are some pics - some are goofy, some are pretty and some are just strange. New York City photos.


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I love your comments!

By Anonymous Mom, at 11:00 AM 

sounds like a sweet time..... wish i was there....

assualt rifles on wall guatemal today we had a dude with a shotgun while we gassed up.....pastor asked me aren´t you bringin your camera while we go to the bano.... i said heck no he wins, if he wants it he gets it.....

live from panama ñÇç¿


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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:41 PM 

Hey dude, I just wanted to let you know that Jason Chin passed away.


By OpenID kochj23, at 4:54 PM 

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