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Get ready for the OC Fair

It's hokey, cheesy and a complete ripoff. So why do I return to the Orange County Fair every summer?
  1. Farm animals. I hate cows and pigs, but I still walk through the agriculture buildings every year. Don't know why. It stinks.
  2. The Glass blower. I've seen it done 20 times over the years. I still have to stop and watch the guy heat the glass and blow on it. Weird.
  3. Quilting competition. I walk through the exhibit just because I can't believe that people have fun making quilts. Whatever floats your boat.
  4. Deep fried crap. Every year the carneys manage to fry up something new. Deep fried Oreos, deep fried Twinkies... I can't wait to see what they'll fry this year.
  5. The random exhibit. One year my Dad made me walk through the Weird Al Yankovic tribute tent. It was very informative.
  6. The infomercial booth guys. These brave, energetic souls put on wireless mics and do endless live infomercials trying to sell us revolutionary knives, cutting-edge vacuum cleaners or timeshares in Florida. Nobody can resist a good infomercial, so people gather around - but do they buy?
Actually, it's better not to think about it too much. Just go.


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