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Fullerton's $100,000 Pension Club

Another one for Fullerton:

Fullerton taxpayers are looking down the barrel of a major increase in pension payments next year. The CalPERS agency has lost as much as 37% of its assets in the stock market crash and taxpayers are contractually obligated to make up the difference.

Our Friends at the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility just released a report called the CalPERS $100,000 Pension Club. In their handy database, we located the annual pensions of 26 City of Fullerton employees who are bringing home over $100,000 a year post-retirement at our expense. We believe in an open government where the residents of Fullerton know what they are paying for -- Click here to see the list


I'm sure when your daddy retires he will bring home more then $100,000 a year. Lets take away his retirement too.

Mind your own biz... these people earned a retirement. Let them enjoy it...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:49 AM 

Anonymous, they're paying those pensions with my money, so it is my business.

And I'm not trying to take away pensions that we've already given away. I am trying to help people understand that they are unsustainable and that we must change the way we compensate people in the future.

By Anonymous Travis, at 6:18 AM 

If you were making that cash you wouldnt be bitchin...they are unsustainable because we are supporting the homies down on Valencia and highland street. Dont attack an educated tax paying public servant. WHAT AN EASY TARGET! have some guts and go after the "not politically correct" crowd...welfare, WIC services. they cost you way more man, waaaay more.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:02 AM 

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