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Coda Graduates from Puppy Kindergarten

After 6 weeks of hard work, Coda finally graduated. If you've ever wondered what goes on at puppy kindergarten, here are some pics.



HAHAHA! Those pics of Coda beating up the little ugly dogs are sweet! lol

By Anonymous John, at 5:29 PM 

I'm still laughing on reading this topic good one !!!! congrats Coda

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:45 AM 

Poor little dog with big eyes, hi hi hi

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:28 AM 

...uummm...Fred is kinda freaking me out with those eyes....CRAZY EYES! I feel like hes gonna pull out a knife and stab somebody!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:05 PM 

awww your puppy is so cute! we got a cockapoo a few weeks ago :)

By Anonymous dianna, at 6:16 PM 

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