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Travsite: Best and Worst of 2006

This is a little late, but I thought it would be fun to highlight the coolest and lamest things on my blog over the last year

The Best
  1. Things to do in Orange County - This list has been popular in Google, and I always get emails asking about some of the activities on it. Kind of fun.
  2. Saudi Sand Duners - I still get a kick out of this one.
  3. Old School BMX Video - Highlights from our days in the Yorba Linda lakebed.
  4. Medieval Times - dinner and tournament!
  5. Jessica Blogs! - her first blog post ever. Not likely to happen again.
  6. Marwood Block Party - I love this neighborhood.
  7. Springville, CA - Have you ever seen "Deliverance"?
The Worst
  1. The Impeach Bush Van - 3,700 visits and 27 comments - this post was covered by numerous major political blogs. Still can't figure out what this guy was thinking.
  2. Hotmail Deletes Jessica's Account After 30 Days - Hotmail is the worst webmail out there. Switch to something else now.
  3. OC Bratt - wonders never cease.
  4. 18" Sausage Dog - no comment
  5. Del Taco Sends Me to the E.R. - I couldn't eat chicken soft tacos for months.
  6. 10 Dumbest Things at the Off-Road Expo - bling bling!
  7. Shakey's Pizza - don't click here.
2007 is shaping up to be even better...


I just realized that 3 of the worst things involved food. Hmm....

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