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Our visit to Springville

Picture yourself an hour north of Bakersfield, California. You turn onto a highway towards the Sequoia National Forest (and not much else), but you exit into the sleepy little town of Springville. Population: 1,000.

Jessica and I spent Labor Day weekend visiting this strange place.

In Springville, the folks are really friendly, but they live life at a different pace than we do here in Orange County. There's no pretentiousness -- they are sincere and geniune. But they are different.

Here are some quotes that I collected from Springville:
  • "The mud feels good between your toes, and it's good for your athlete's foot" - heard on the shores of Lake Success, Springville's very own Lake Havasu.
  • "Hey kids, stop throwing rocks!" - Jessica's own words when she woke up to see barefoot kids in tighty whities throwing fistfuls of rocks at each other in the street. She thought it was funny until one of them took cover near her car.
  • "There was a mouse in the sink. He was dead though. A beer can fell on his head". - No comment.
  • "You have nice legs. They'd look really good if you were a girl" - A compliment I received from the old lady who ran the "Springville Zoo and Garage Sale". Uhhh, thanks.
I didn't take enough pictures to show Springville's character, but here they are anyway: Springville pictures. Don't miss the picture of the "Boatousine".

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