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The Fun of Blogs and Personal Websites

I've been nerding out with this website for almost 7 years now, but I've really enjoyed watching the recent blog popularity explosion catch up to my friends. Over the last two years, almost all of my friends have entered the online publishing world, either with blogs, personal websites or even business sites. If you include MySpace profiles, it probably has reached 95% of my friends.

In fact, the final holdout is my own wife, although I did get her to blog on this site once.

I think most my blogging friends have discovered that it is difficult to write something interesting on a weekly basis. Personally, I get around this hurdle by writing about something whether it is interesting or not. Sucks for you, but at least it gives people a reason to check my site on a regular basis.

Anyway, the whole point is to get you to check out some of my friends' websites when you get a chance.


I first found your site by looking for pictures of Glamis to show my wife and son where I used to ride during summer vacations & long weekends when I lived in Colton, CA my first 24 years of life. I really like your web site and the places you, your wife, and friens and family go for off road trips and vacations, I've been to almost every sport myself and I love checking out your adventures. It brings back great memories. We're moving out to Yuma, AZ in a few months because of a career change for me and we're excited to get back into a fun life style of desert riding and being close enough to the coast to hit the surf once again. Missouri is ok, but deffinately NOT home for us. Thanks, Travis for doing what you do with your site. I know you're not getting rich off of it and do it for the fun of it and guys like me appreciate the efforts you put into your web site. It's good to see that there are still people out there not looking to soak others for money, but who just want to have fun in life and share their experiences. Thanks again. Sorry for the long write up. I'm just starting work this morning and what better way to look like your working than typing on the computer. But it is 8:05 so I better quit. Later.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 AM 

Thanks Keith, I'm glad you like the site.

By Anonymous Travis, at 7:32 AM 

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