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And we're out....

See ya in a week!

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Travis, I was just checking your site for evidence of our wedding photos. Did they turn out or did the heat destroy them?
You guys are bound to have a great trip with each other and the friends you are meeting up with.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your view of the park.

By Blogger Aly Baker, at 1:37 PM 

Hi again, I just started up my blog. This should be fun . . .

By Blogger Aly Baker, at 1:38 PM 

I've got your wedding pictures. There's plenty of good ones! I'm still processing them though. Soon :-)

I like your new blog!

By Anonymous Travis, at 1:58 PM 

Seacrest...err.... Kiger OUT.

By Anonymous LoPo, at 6:46 AM 

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