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Please excuse the randomness of this post...

I do Internet work in the HR/Insurance industry, but I don't know much about insurance and employee benefits. Maybe that's why this invitation to the "Defined Contribution Conference" that I received seems like the most boring event in the history of the world. It baffles me that people would be interested in this stuff. Even the invitation is a drab, with a washed-out photograph and crowded with names that I would never recognize. They didn't even try to make the event seem exciting.

I suppose that most people would feel the same way about a technology conference that I would be interested in, but that's no excuse for such a bland marketing piece.


Dude, did they give you the directions? I've been waiting for this convention to arrive for what seems like an eternity. I just have to go this year. I've missed the last 20.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:28 PM 

Where do I sign up?

By Anonymous LoPo, at 9:31 AM 

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