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Hotmail deletes accounts after 30 days.

My wife hadn't checked her Hotmail account for about 30 days. When she logged in, Hotmail told her that the account had been deactivated due to lack of use. Five years worth of archived email was automatically deleted forever after only 1 month.

That's pretty crappy. It's bad enough that Hotmail has the worst user interface of any free webmail. Now they delete your account if you don't log in for 30 days.

Please, switch to Gmail or Yahoo Mail if you haven't already.


Yup, I've had this happen to me serveral times over the past 5-6 years.

I believe it used to be every 90 days though.

Gmail IMO rocks.

By Anonymous LoPo/John, at 11:03 PM 

Yeah, I remember 90 days too. But 30? Geez.

By Blogger Travis, at 7:22 AM 

Gmal rocks the house. For sho.

You never have to delete an email. NEVER!

By Blogger Mike Lawson, at 9:26 PM 

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