The Starbuck House, Fullerton, CA

I received these photos from Raymond Starbuck Jr., who grew up as a child in the Starbuck home at 834 North Woods in Fullerton, CA. Mr. Starbuck Jr. moved out of the home in 1941. He now lives in Kauai.

The original home was built in 1922. The living room, dining room, garage and the unfinished second story were added on in 1927.

Starbuck House completed in 1927

The Starbuck home in Fullerton just after it was completed. There are a few other homes in the background.

Starbuck House completed

The front of the home just after completion. The sycamore in front is now a 85 year old giant.

Starbuck House under construction

The home during construction of the second floor.

Mr. Starbuck says "An architect (I believe one who designed San Clemente houses) was somehow induced to design the added-on two story segment of the dining room, living room, bedroom and connected sun room on the first floor. The second floor, which had four dormers, was planned to contain bed rooms and possibly a bathroom."

"Money was not available however for that nor for a connecting stairway. When we kids grew a bit expansion was needed. A makeshift ladder to the "attic" was installed and a rough lumber partial flooring installed. Two home made rope beds for brother Dick and myself appeared. We each owned one half of a fairly large open space. An imaginary border down the center spelled out divided ownership rights until I left in 1941."

Original Starbuck House 1922

This is the home as built in 1922, before the living room and 2nd floor were added.

Starbuck kids

Mr. Raymond Starbuck as a child and his sibling in a Piggly Wiggly Coaster in front of the original house.

Raymond Starbuck Sr.

Raymond Starbuck Sr. asleep in the living room.

Raymond Starbuck Sr.

The home was built for Raymond Starbuck Sr. by his father, William Starbuck, who owned the Gem Pharmacy in downtown Fullerton.

Starbuck House permit 1922

The original building permit from 1922.

Starbuck House permit 1927

The building permit for the 1927 upgrades.

Starbuck House in 2010

The Starbuck house in 2010

Starbuck House front door


Starbuck House at night

Christmas 2010