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Washington DC Madness

Here are some photos of us acting retarded in our Nation's Capitol. We went to Washington DC for a week after our trip to New York for Christmas.

While we were there, I got yelled at by the Secret Service at least 3 times and we went through about 30 metal detectors. Good times! View our photos of Washington D.C. Don't miss the photo of Jessica holding a live giant cockroach!.

Washington-DC-0160 Washington-DC-0063 Washington-DC-0097


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By Anonymous LoPo/John, at 5:40 PM 

Yeah, someone left it at my house after a party back in the day. Might as well use it since it was about 15 degrees outside.

By Anonymous Travis, at 5:58 PM 

That's the same jacket!? No way. I remember that, it was Shelly's boyfriend.

By Anonymous lopo/john, at 7:59 PM 

Your wife is beautiful.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:57 PM 

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